Information For Job Seekers: Recruitment and Hiring During COVID-19

Providing a safe, exceptional hiring experience remains a top priority.

Are Providence and their family of organizations still hiring?
Yes. We have an urgent need for clinical and non-clinical workers to care for our patients. We are actively recruiting across all regions and locations for temporary, part-time and full-time positions while taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our candidates, patients, caregivers and communities.

Are job interviews still happening?
Yes. To minimize risk, we now offer virtual interviews as an alternative to in-person interviews across all of our regions and locations.

Is travel still allowed for out-of-area applicants?
Travel is allowed on a limited, case-by-case basis.

Are new employee/caregiver orientations still happening?
Yes. For the safety of our new and current caregivers, we now offer a virtual New Caregiver Orientation. This experience welcomes new caregivers and ensures they have all the required information, including knowledge of our organizations' safety and regulatory procedures. Our Promise is to “Know Me, Care for Me, Ease My Way,” and we are committed to this promise during virtual orientation.

What are you doing to keep your employees/caregivers safe?
So much has changed in a world with COVID-19. For us, this means a new landscape in how we deliver care, but with the same commitment to health and safety that we’ve always had. Here are the additional protocols we’ve put in place to protect the health of our caregivers, patients and visitors.
SCREENING. We conduct routine coronavirus symptom screening on caregivers, patients and visitors.
MASKING. Our facilities have adopted policies that align with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
DISTANCING. We’re taking steps to ensure appropriate distance between caregivers, patients and visitors.
SANITIZING. We are regularly cleaning waiting areas and exam rooms in between visits, and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout our facilities.
SEPARATING. COVID patients, as well as those caring for them, are safely isolated.
VISITORS. We are limiting people coming into our facilities. This helps maintain appropriate physical distancing and reduces spread of germs.

How are you supporting your employees/caregivers through these difficult and unprecedented times?
We’re listening to our people. We know many of our caregivers and their family members are experiencing stress and anxiety due to the increased burden of COVID-19. We have a range of resources that can support their emotional needs, free of charge. We're also providing added benefits for child care, emergency loans and more. Learn more here.

Where can I learn more about Providence's COVID-19 response measures?
For more about our organization's response to COVID-19, please visit our coronavirus advisory site.